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Machine INtelligence For Documents


Our purpose:

  • Leverage the most advanced technologies in NLP and gain critical insights from structured and unstructured data, shortening the distance from raw data to insights to actions.



Analyze targeted content from textual sources to extract 5 levels of user sentiment and 7 different emotions and identify offensive comments (hate speech).


Automatic Information Extraction and Knowledge Discovery from medical literature to enhance decision making for health care and drug safety.


Leverage the wealth of information in small and large data repositories containing fragmented knowledge from heterogeneous information sources to improve document search and business decisions with intelligent data analysis.

Why Choose Our Team


  • Automatic extraction of important entities and their relations.
  • Content classification.
  • Multi language Support (EN & GR).
  • Domain agnostic application.


  • State of the art performance on English and Greek sources.
  • State of the art content analysis on social media platforms.


  • Deep Neural Networks.
  • Ontologies and knowledge bases.
  • GPU/TPU accelerated inference.
  • Pre trained models ready for production usage.
  • Scalable model deployment.
  • Multi GPU / Multi Cluster support.