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Time Series Forecasting

Unique Products for your Needs


Apply cutting edge research to your industry domain. We apply exploratory data analysis techniques to identify the driving variables for each time series.


Powered by artificial intelligence and state of the art deep learning algorithms. Includes adaptive feature selection, integration with exogenous variables and optimized model selection.


Custom machine learning solutions made precisely for your organization’s needs. Made for you, with you.



Demandio Product

Predict upcoming sales across hundreds of stores and thousands of products.


Preserve minimum stock requirement and alleviate overstocking. Increase sales of stocked-out products. Enables purchase order automation.

Our Product

Whole Sale Workhouse

Predict sales for months ahead to plan your inventory


Maintain a minimal stock need and avoid overstocking. Increase sales of stocked-out items. Forecast for the coming months.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Product

Predict when a piece of equipment will break.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Minimize disruption of normal system operations. Optimizes lifespan, reducing costs.

Our Product

Pharmaceutical Products

Forecast the demand for pharmaceutical products.


Discovers repeating demand patterns or new trends. Forecasts the sales of new pharmaceutical products. Adapts to changing market conditions with AutoML

E Commerce

eDemandio plugin Product

Predict upcoming sales for eshop for thousands of products.


Maintain the minimal stock needed and reduce overstocking. Increase sales of stocked-out items. Allows you to automate purchase orders.

Utilities Demand

Forecast the water demand or energy consumption for the days, weeks, and months ahead.


Improve management and operations planning. Plan ahead for supply and demand. Increase profit margins.